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Wangari Fahari is a Kenyan singer, writer, activist and founder of The Fahari Brand.

She is best known for her modern African soundscapes taking an unusual and innovative approach. Abandoning straight ahead singing and instrumentation of the Swahili folk and Taarab. Instead she features opportunities for continuous improvisation and fusion feautiring musicians from different parts of the world.

Collaborating with guitarist Paul Thibeault Wangari created Wangari Volume 1 an album influenced by her roots growing up in Central Kenya. This album caught the attention of Drummer Gabriel Harris of rhythm village and  singer, activist Joan Baez. Who worked closely with Wangari to create Wangari Trio and would later lead her to perform on some of the worlds best stages.

Mentored by Miriam Makeba and Joan Baez Wangari learned at a young age the power of music and the struggle.


Wangari has collaborated with legends such as African drummer Remi Kabaka, Bass player Wadada Khufu and guitarist Paul Thibeault in Los Angeles to produce Fahari. Wangari's second album which led to two American  tours and one international tour. Ricky Lee Jones an American singer and producer whose career spans over five decades was quoted saying Wangari is a "powerhouse" while visiting Soulitude Records in Santa Monica.

Wangari loves making a difference in the world and has teamed up with philanthropic institutions such as The Global Peace Train, The American World Jewish Association, One World Children Fund and The Greenbelt movement. Raising funds and awareness for Child soldiers in Lira, Uganda as well as promoting Kenya's wildlife conservation and Agro-forestry .

As director at Artists For Wildlife Conservation, she helped organize a fundraising concert featuring her music with Paul Simon's bass player Bakithi Khumalo and Berklee College Of Music Professors Casey Scheuerell and Suzanne Dean in Brookline, MA. Raising thousands of dollars for endangered Rhino's in Kenya and South Africa. For those who know Wangari they understand her big heart and undying love for nature and people.


Wangari is working with Paul Thibeault, National Heritage Award winner Balla Kouyate (Mali), Thierno Camara (Senegal) and Sidy Maiga of Mali on her new project and is also a singer and educator at Crocodile River music bringing African arts in Education.

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